I like to code and I do it a lot. I want to work for green energy or health, eventually. I’m deeply worried about these fields, and I believe that great software could really make a big difference. I work on private and open-source projects in my spare time. If you want to join forces, drop me a line!

Not really personal, this is really my journal of daily hacks: When I figure out something sort of tricky, I write it down so I don’t have to research it again. I also post new releases of my apps and websites here.

My recent open-source work is hosted on GitHub.

  • Stack Exchange — janos

I occasionally answer questions on Stack Exchange sites. I’m most active on Stack Overflow, Unix and Linux, Ask Ubuntu, and Programmers.


My profile on Careers 2.0 by stackoverflow. More detailed than a LinkedIn profile, and more relevant for software engineers, highlighting open source projects, stackoverflow answers, publications, and others.

Lately I’m experimenting with this site for coders. I publish “Pro Tips” there once in a while.

Old stuff

I don’t use these much anymore. In fact I’m migrating some of this stuff elsewhere. That said, I still want to make a note here, at least to keep as bookmarks for myself…

My personal reference of all things related to computers, programming, operating systems (especially GNU/Linux) and databases. A lot of cheat sheets, some in-depth articles and how to guides of larger topics.

My not so recent work is hosted on Launchpad, a Bazaar repository hosting site.