I like to code and I do it a lot. I want to work in green energy or health someday. I believe that great software could make a big difference, everywhere, always. I’m passionate about high quality software, domain driven design, and agile.

I run bashonerliners.com, a collection of high-quality Bash one-liners and snippets with detailed explanations. I regularly tweet at @bashoneliners all new one-liners that land on the site.

  • LinkedIn — @janosgyerik

    I’m not really active here, and I only connect with people I actually know.

  • Twitter — @janosgyerik

    This is my personal account, the best place to reach out to me and start a conversation. I rarely tweet, only when I see something truly compelling to share.

  • Stack Exchange — @janos

    I used to be active on Stack Overflow (100k+) and even more on Code Review (100k+), where I used to be an elected moderator in 2015-2018.

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  • GitHub — @janosgyerik

    I share most of my code openly, because why not. Some have a few-hundred stars, but nothing major.

  • Codementor — @janosgyerik

    I’m not really active here anymore. I used to help programmers with programming and devops questions in one-on-one mentoring sessions.

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  • Blog — http://janosgyerik.com/blog

    This is my journal of daily hacks, a generally very impersonal and dry blog. When I figure out how to do something a bit tricky, I write it down so I don’t have to re-research it again and again.

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