I’m happy to say that with the fix of social logins, such as login with Google, Yahoo, OpenID, bashoneliners.com is finally back!

So WTF happened, you might ask. Perfectionism and overthinking, that’s what happened.

The site used to have old-style OpenID/social authentication, and many authentication providers started to move away from it in favor of OAuth2. Starting from Google, little by little, all old-style providers stopped their legacy services, making login impossible on bashoneliners.com.

Django modules for OAuth2 have been around for a long time, so finding a solution was not the problem. The problem was that I wanted to migrate user accounts automatically and smoothly, which was kind of difficult, so I ended up postponing the task again and again.

Better late than never, finally I got off my butt to fix this. Login with GitHub, Google, Yahoo and OpenID works again. After you login, you will see a message to fill a form with links to your new and old accounts, so that I can merge them manually, so that your contributions won’t be lost. The solution is neither automatic nor smooth, but it works, and that’s the only thing that matters.

I shared this “story” here in case it may serve as a cautionary tale for others. If you have something somewhere half-abandoned, half-defunct, that might have an imperfect but effective solution, then get off your butt and just get it done.

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