I hesitated for a second whether this belongs to a journal of hacks. But hey, it’s actually hacking my own brain, so sure it is a hack!

Binaural beats are sound patterns that are supposed to induce brain activity, such as make you more productive or put you to sleep. Let’s keep it real, there is no scientific evidence that it actually works beyond a common placebo effect. But I tried it anyway. And… It works for me!

The free Binaural Beats application for iphone has several preset patterns. The “Busy thinking” preset with thunderstorm in the background seems to help me focus and work efficiently, especially in the morning. The “Pre-sleep induction” preset with ocean waves and seagulls in the background seem to help me sleep. The “Quick relaxation” preset with river trickling and birds chirping is also pleasant and helps working.

Is it just placebo effect? I don’t know, but it’s really pleasant. I might be getting addicted to the sounds. I recommend anyone to give it a try!

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