An insightful post on Slashdot about Chrome OS and the fragmented product lines google is creating recently:

*A more appropriate name for [Chrome OS] is "Chrome Fullscreen".* An even more appropriate name for it is "Chrome's Google-Confusion-Fest". Because Google is starting to bewilder me with parallel, seemingly conflicting options! 1) There's Chromium O/S, which is pretty much just a Linux distro with a browser. 2) There's Android O/S, which is pretty much just a Linux distro with a browser, that's incompatible with Chromium. 3) There's Google Gears, which is pretty cool, but doesn't work with Chromium O/S, or Chrome the browser. 4) There's Chrome itself, whicch is just a browser, without a distro of any kind, and paradoxically, doesn't work on Linux. In short, while Google has been lobbing all this juicy-looking stuff out onto the marketplace, it's been set up in such a way as the boxes are likely to fall on anxious developers. This looks to me more like a minefield than a fruited plain! Come on, Google! If you want me, a developer, to "jump on board" with your stuff, you'd better get it all talking to each other, because your deeply fragmented product lines are causing me to shun your products.

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