To clone a remote Subversion repository using Git through a proxy server, edit the ~/.subversion/servers file appropriately:

# http-proxy-exceptions = *,
# http-proxy-host =
# http-proxy-port = 7000
# http-proxy-username = defaultusername
# http-proxy-password = defaultpassword

Note that even in Windows, the correct path is actually ~/.subversion/servers when using git-svn, even though this is NOT the normal configuration directory for the native svn.exe. For example in Windows 7 svn.exe typically uses the path C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Roaming\Subversion.

This was quite confusing to me at first, because after I got svn checkout working well by editing C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Roaming\Subversion\servers I was surprised to find that git clone svn still had the proxy issue.

In case you were wondering, the http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables are ignored by both Git and Subversion.

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