Downloaded a bunch of c++ books but the files were in DAA format. Found a neat utility called daa2iso developed by some dude, but it didn’t work. The only alternative at the moment was PowerISO, a windows tool. I thought it’s time to give wine a shot. And it worked brilliantly too.

  1. Installed wine (didn’t have it yet)
  2. Ran: wine PowerISO38.exe. A window popped up, looking like a regular windows installation, went along with it, installed it in “Program Files”, not even knowing what that means in wine. The installer complained at the end, but decided to ignore for now.
  3. Ran: wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/PowerISO/PowerISO.exe and behold, it just worked. Located the daa file and extracted it into my usual books folder.
  4. Felt like it’s time for a different kind of wine, to celebrate ;-)

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