I’m still new to git and it was not very clear at first how to handle the case when you encounter conflicts during a git svn rebase.  Some notes to help next time around:

  • At any time, you can do git rebase --abort to undo the rebase and be back to your untouched git branch.
  • There is NO:

    • git svn rebase --abort
    • git svn rebase --continue
    • git svn rebase --skip
  • There are only:

    • git rebase --abort
    • git rebase --continue
    • git rebase --info
  • Depending on the conflict you may have to do various things to resolve, such as:

    • Edit files and sort out the lines marked as conflicted.
    • Do git add path/to/file
    • Do git rm path/to/file
  • After resolving a conflict, do: git rebase --continue

    • At this step if git complains that nothing has changed, then you have to do: git rebase --skip
  • When resolving a conflict, if you know for a fact that the file in your master branch is the correct one, you can resolve the conflict with git checkout master path/to/file
  • During my rebase, somebody committed to subversion, which cause my next git rebase --continue to fail. I don’t know what is the best solution here, I did git rebase --abort and started over.

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