I’ve installed Plone in Ubuntu dozens of times. Ever since hoary (possibly even from warty), this was a matter of apt-get install plone-site. Something is broken in hardy because this step doesn’t create a Zope instance (the container instance for Plone) but it should. That is, the directories /var/lib/zope2.9/instance/ and /var/lib/zope2.10/instance/ were both empty, so when starting zope, it would complain about no instances, and obviously Zope cannot work without files. I could fix this and get going with the following steps.

dzhandle -z2.9 make-instance plone-site -m manual
dzhandle -z2.9 add-product plone-site CMFPlone
/etc/init.d/zope2.9 restart

The above steps will generate a brand new Zope instance in /var/lib/zope2.9/instance/plone-site. The configuration file for the instance will be in /etc/zope2.9/plone-site/zope.conf, you might want to change HTTPPORT from 9673 to 8081 (the Ubuntu default).

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