The other day I needed to extract some configurations from a Raspberry PI. I was in a rush, so to be safe I copied the entire image. I figured later I can just mount the image and copy off what I need. This turned out to be surprisingly easy.

First I mounted the image using hdiutil:

$ hdiutil mount path/to/raspi.image
/dev/disk2          	FDisk_partition_scheme
/dev/disk2s1        	Windows_FAT_32                 	/Volumes/boot
/dev/disk2s2        	Linux

This made the /boot partition available in Finder. That’s nice, but what I really needed was the Linux partition. For that I picked up a few hints here, and installed ext4fuse of MacPorts:

sudo port install ext4fuse

And mounted the partition on some directory:

mkdir raspi
ext4fuse /dev/disk2s2 raspi

To unmount everything:

hdiutil unmount raspi
hdiutil eject /dev/disk2

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