Usually I work on my EEEPC 1000 HA in the morning and the evening on the train to and from work. I configured it to hibernate when I close the lid. When I get home I put it on the charger for about an hour.

Last night on my way home from work, I got on the train and was ready for my usual evening hacking session, only the EEEPC wouldn’t turn on. I figured, fine, whatever, this happens sometimes. Something like, because hibernate fails the pc doesn’t properly shut down, and eventually runs out of battery. I thought I just recharge at night and tomorrow it should be back to normal.

Only it wasn’t. I got on the train in the morning, and as usual was ready for my usual morning hacking session, but again, the EEEPC wouldn’t start up… This time it was different, because the power led did turn on as it should, the battery being fully charged, but that’s it, the screen wouldn’t light up. It looked like a broken display issue, and I was sad and angry at the same.

I was compelled to look into the issue at work, re-inserted the RAM and tried again. Although at first it seemed nothing changed, as I looked closer to the screen I noticed something very very dimly in the background… Can you guess what happened? I increased the brightness and lo, apparently my EEEPC was ok all along. And no, I did not change the brightness, and no, nobody else even touched the PC, and no, I have no idea how the setting got skewed like that.

Aaahhhh! Whatever I’m glad it works now.

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