Two things to do: configure the email parameters and enable the hook.

To configure the email parameters, add a section in the config file of the Git repository like this:

    showrev = "git show -C %s; echo"
    emailprefix = "[git-projectname] "
    mailinglist = ","
    envelopesender =

Also edit the description file of the project, it should contain a single line with the name of the project, for example ProjectName. This name will appear in both the subject and the message body, it will be UNNAMED PROJECT by default if you don’t customize it.

As a result the subject of emails should look like this:

`[git-projectname] ProjectName branch master updated. [the SHA1]

To enable email sending, copy the sample hook script hooks/post-receive.sample to hooks/post-receive and edit it. The last line of the file is usually commented out by default. Remove the comment to enable sending emails. Also make sure the script is executable.

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