Today I needed to find some brown baggers (experts who give fun tech talks during lunch break, for the gesture of a “brown bag lunch” in return) on this website.

I had just one small bu very annoying problem: the site has no easy way to filter experts, the best way to search for an expertise is a browser’s page search function. Unfortunately the page is long, and although the experts are grouped by city, it’s hard to tell if a match I’m looking at is in the section of the city I’m looking for.

jQuery to the rescue! Looking at the HTML source, the page includes jQuery, so I can just open the JavaScript of Chrome and play with the DOM easily. When inspecting a couple of baggers, I found that each of them has class="bagger", and id ending with the name of their city, for example id="something_CITYNAME". If I can remove the baggers from other cities, the page will be easier to search, with fewer or no false positives.

After a couple of failed tests where I deleted the wrong (or all) baggers by mistake, forcing me to reload the entire (and very slow loading) page, I arrived at a safer and easier method:

  • Step 1: hide all the .baggers
  • Step 2: show the baggers with id ending with the city I need

The jQuery:


You have page that doesn’t suit your taste? If it uses jQuery or other popular JavaScript libraries, just fire up a JavaScript console and trim the content to your liking!

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