There are a couple of things I forget every time I upgrade OSX. Hopefully I’ll remember next time that I’ve written this.

Things to prepare before upgrading:

  • Make an unencrypted copy of content in encfs. After the upgrade, port (of MacPorts) might not be usable.
  • Save the list of installed ports: port -qv installed > myports.txt
  • Login to Apple developer center, just to make sure you know your username and password. You may need it during or after installation
  • Time:
    • The new version of the OS itself is around 4GB, so downloading will take some time.
    • The upgrade will take at least 30 minutes, and on first boot there may be additional initialization taking another 30 minutes.
    • Reinstalling MacPorts may take a long time, including downloading packages, building, and troubleshooting

Reinstalling Python with MacPorts:

  • Remember to install with readline enabled:
    • sudo port install python35 +readline
    • sudo port install python27 +readline
    • If you already installed without, it’s ok, you can repeat the install command
  • Remember to configure the active version, for example sudo port select --set python python35
  • Remember to install py35-pip and py35-virtualenv, and configure their active version like Python. The output of the install command tells how.

For some reason mvim also stopped working. I reinstalled MacVim, and copied mvim from the dmg file to /usr/local/bin.

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