I’ve been using git with Eclipse for about a month now.

  • git svn rebase doesn’t work in Eclipse gui. All the gui methods I tried say the repo is up to date, even though it’s not.
  • Synchronize workspace was very slow the few times I tried, so I don’t use it anymore.
  • Not sure yet how to work with maven sub-projects. It seems for all sub-projects I have to do “share project” to associate with git. Otherwise I don’t get the git actions in the Team menu of sub-projects.

About git on the command line, and in general…

  • Branch switching is nice and easy, quite fantastic actually.
  • I’m sure in speed benchmarks git will always beat all other VCS. In practice, I don’t notice a difference, at all.
  • git svn dcommit is nice, git will commit each commit one by one. Not sure bzr can do this so easily.
  • The git shell in windows is great! Since cygwin is not an option for me, the git bash shell is a fantastic alternative.
  • Browsing repository history is not nearly as easy and intuitive as bzr.
  • SHA as revision identifier is uncomfortable to use. I need to grab for the mouse all the time for copy-and-paste.
  • Before trying git the staging area looked the most attractive feature to me, with the ability to commit only hunks. In practice, I hardly ever want to commit specific hunks only, and it’s a bad practice anyway to commit untested code. Overall, having to stage every modification is not practical for me.

Overall, I really like git. I will use it when it’s the right tool for a job, but for now I will continue to use bzr for my personal (and admittedly light-weight) projects.

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