I took my time, but finally here are a bunch of improvements I just released on bashoneliners.com, check it out!

Now you can upvote or downvote one-liners using the familiar interface of stackoverflow.com:


And since now that there are votes, it’s natural to sort one-liners not only by date, but by votes too. So I changed the one-liner listing pages to switch between different ordering using a tabbed user interface:


Speaking of tabs, the profile page was quite awful, with too much information cluttered on a single page. So I broke that into multiple pages, again using a tabbed user interface:


There are many other, smaller improvements since the last time. I’ll let you discover those by yourselves.

The voting feature is only the beginning. Just one of the essential steps for full-blown gamification. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to do this all alone though, so I hope to find partners soon.

Finally, I revised all the texts on the site. Take a look, and note the strong emphasis on the educational aspect. The site is about high quality and well-explained bash one-liners. Not just any random ugly scripting hacks. I want all those one-liners there to be perfectly written, and nicely explained so everybody can understand them, and learn something useful.

If you have a scripting question, the best place to go is probably unix.stackexchange.com and stackoverflow.com. I love those sites. But you know what, they don’t encourage perfect answers. They don’t encourage combining multiple good answers into a single great answer. That’s the void I’d like to fill. That’s the direction I’d like this project to evolve into.

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