• Logo! Replaced the old logo with a new one on Launchpad and Twitter.
  • Twitter posts: do not include the summary, only the one-liner, to pack the most important information in the tweet, and now the site uses a URL shortener to give as much room for the one-liner as possible.
  • Comments: the comments are expanded by default when posting a comment or when visiting the dedicated page of a single one-liner
  • Advanced search: in case of no matches, the page will also show what was searched, otherwise it was not clear whether the AJAX search was working or not.
  • Installation: added pip requirements file (see in the README.txt how to use), and made the site more robust even if some python modules are missing (like tweepy or openid), or when some configuration is missing (twitter API params, URL shortener API params)
  • Bugfixes

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