I just released the first version of Programming Quiz LITE.

It’s a simple multiple-choice quiz to test your programming skills. It aims to be interesting, fun and educational. You could even use it to prepare for programming job interviews, regardless of whether you are an interviewee or an interviewer.

Questions are spread out across multiple categories and difficulty levels:

  • Hobbyist level: 51 questions
  • Professional level: 116 questions
  • Expert level: 61 questions

Question categories are designed along the lines of the “programmer competency matrix” There are 228 questions in total for now, I plan to more soon, making it at least 100 on all levels. The questions are 100% original I create them together with my programmer friends.

You can “play” in two modes: normal mode and sudden death mode. In normal mode you can postpone answering a question and you can navigate back and forth in the questions. In sudden death mode you have to answer N questions in a row. You can customize the number of questions in both modes.

To report problems or feature requests, you can either email me directly or use this page:

Project homepage:

This is the LITE version: it is FREE with NO ADS. There will be a paid version soon, which will be identical to this one, but it will have a price of 1 euro just to give you a way to say “thank you” and support my efforts if you want. If you like the app, please remember to rate it, +1 it, tweet it, review it, and spread the word. Thank you!

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